Board of Advisors

Headshot of Joseph B. Bower, Jr.

Joseph B. Bower, Jr.

Mr. Bower is President and CEO of CNB Bank and CNB Financial Corporation.

Headshot of Mark D. Breakey

Mark D. Breakey

Mr. Breakey is Senior Executive Vice President and Chief Risk Officer for CNB Bank.

Headshot of Jennifer Carney

Jennifer Carney

Ms. Carney is Partner and Co-Founder of Carney Ranker Architects, LTD.

Headshot of Richard L. Greslick, Jr.

Richard L. Greslick, Jr.

Mr. Greslick is Senior Executive Vice President and Chief Support Officer for CNB Bank and also serves on the CNB Financial Corporation’s Board of Directors.

Headshot of Lawrence A. Morrison

Lawrence A. Morrison

Mr. Morrison is a CPA and Partner of the firm of Kleshinski, Morrison & Morris, LLP.

Headshot of Jason Pohl

Jason Pohl

Mr. Pohl is Partner and Co-Founder of Centric Consulting, LLC.

Headshot of Jenny Saunders

Jenny Saunders

Ms. Saunders is President of FCBank.

Headshot of Sam Shim

Sam Shim

Mr. Shim is a Board Member of the Worthington City Schools.

Headshot of Julie Young

Julie Young

Ms. Young is a Human Resources Attorney with JMY Law, LLC.